The first of many News apps

Today, I released the first of many more news Apps to come – Gossyp. This is an entertainment news app, primarily targeted towards quick snack sized movie/gossip news.

However, this is the first step. There are many, many niche audiences which are underserved by the News apps on the App Store. For example, where is the news app for Professional Ice Hockey? Where is the News app for Telugus all over the world, or Indonesian Political news? Gossyp is based on an extensible platform that would make building News apps trivial for Tarampum Apps.

My plan is the build 1 news App a week and ship to the Appstore.

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Reddit Music app for iOS


I have been a long time reader at reddit. Of lately, I had been listening a lot to /r/music and /r/listentothis. Last month I released an iPhone app which plays music off a bunch of subreddits. This is a fully featured radio app, which plays music in the background.

Also, thanks to the excellent API, it can create custom radio stations from your favorite artists.

Turns out that the folks at /r/listentothis absolutely love this app and have listed it in the official listening tools wiki page.

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Tarampum apps

After launching Deykho Bollywood, I reached out to many Indian app developers. The market was nascent and the big labels had not quite yet caught on to potential of the Mobile Apps market for desi audiences. Tambura Radio was one of the most popular apps on iOS for desi radio content at that time. I connected with Karthik and we discussed for a few weeks and found mutual synergies. In Nov 2012 we incorporated Tarampum apps out of Bangalore, India. We defined the mission statement of the company as ‘To build the best in class mobile apps for SouthEast asian origin’.

Since the last year, we have released 3 more apps under the Tambura brand :

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Deykho Bollywood – Part 1

While I was still working on my MBA at Leavy, I took a course in Small Business Entrepreneurship under Dr. Albert Bruno. As a part of the course, we were asked to present a business plan for a venture. Since I have been working in the Mobile app industry for about 5 years now, I formed a small team whick looked into bulilding a small venture around Bollywood movies and how it can cope better with the brave new world of mobile devices.

After we did our research a few facts jumped out. Firstly, Bollywood is a unique industry. It produces an amazing number of movies – around 800+ per year. This is the number of movies produced in Hindi – the official language of India. If you add movies in 18 other regional languages, the number is closer to 1100. ¬†These movies have a profound cultural impact on the lives of billions of Indian, for whom these represent an escape from the daily realities of life. In the last few decades, Bollywood’s influence has spread beyond India and it’s neighbors such as Pakistan and Bangladesh. Thanks to the Indian diaspora, an increasingly large number of audience loves Bollywood. When we did the maths, we estimated this number to be about 30million people living outside India, who consumed Bollywood audience. This is a increasingly techno-savvy and relatively affluent audience, which has limited means to get to Bollywood content. Many studio’s recognize this which explains the increasing presence of NRI (non resident indian) themes in movies, simultaneous launches of movies across continents and frequent tours by Movie stars outside India.

But in the last 10 years, Bollywood has been accosted by a new challenge – the Internet. Piracy, which has always been a problem with Bollywood since the advent of VHS, has skyrocketed. With the internet, piracy has now crossed the boundaries imposed by physical media. Most new movies are ripped and pirated within days of release and are available on Bittorrent networks. Small Indian stores across the US sell ripped DVD’s for $1 with absolutely no legal repercussions. According to the US India Business Council/Ernst report on “The Effects of Counterfeiting and Piracy on India’s Entertainment Industry,” Bollywood lost US $959 million and 571,896 jobs due to piracy.

But, when viewed from the perspective of the consumer who lives outside India, there are very few Legal medium to consume Bollywood content. If the consumer are not lucky enough to live in Silicon Valley or New York or have access to a few channels from monopolized cable channels from Dish or Comcast, they turn on to the Internet to get to that content. And when they do go to the internet, they are presented with the wild wild west – online bulletin boards with links to dubious sites where they can download bit torrents for movies and TV serials. The sites are often inundated with ads and possibly viruses. The sites are often taken down due to legal issues and the content is usually low quality.

The situation is even more dire when it comes to accessing Bollywood on mobile devices. Due to the small screen size and limitation of device hardware, consumers have the least access to Bollywood on mobile phones.

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aBetterCal – One of my first personal iOS apps

I had almost lost the code for abettercal, an app that I wrote back in 2009 (for iOS2.1 no less). Found it on my old macbook pro, and put it up on bitbucket. I have to say, I am pretty impressed by what all I got done in a month of coding.

The app is an exact copy of the standard iPhone calendar. But it does a little more than the standard calendar. It syncs up your google calendar account and allows you to read write to google calendar. Also, it can take voice memos, uploads it on amazon EC2 and takes the url and syncs it into google calendar. You can replay the voice memos from within the app and they should up as embedded clips on a browser on google calendar.

It was quite an impressive hack, and I am very proud of it. I will re-release it sometimes soon, I think and make it free.

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Fotobook after 2 days of release

It has been a surprising 48 hours since Fotobook was released. I am humbled by the kind reception it has got. The app has gotten more than 2K downloads in the first 48 hours! If anything, this is a testament to the need for better Photo viewers on the world’s favorite Social network platform.

Apple has featured Fotobook in ‘New and Noteworthy’. Here we come ‘What’s Hot’.

On a side note, I was impressed with Facebook’s dev support team. Fotobook has a minor outage caused by an automation tool, which they fixed in an hour. Thanks!

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Fotobook for iPhone is now available

I had been thinking about a more photo friendly Facebook app for a few months now. Writing apps between a full time job at Yahoo! (awesomest place to work), an MBA at Santa Clara University, and being the ‘Best daddy in the whole wide world’, is challenging.
Finally, I got about 3 weeks of ‘free’ time between winter and spring sessions at SCU and did Fotobook. Here is it at all it’s glory, I hope you like it. Drop me a line if you want features.

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Chatroulette for Android

We are happy to announce chatroulette for Android at PaypalX event. The app used Twilio and Paypal. The app is currently in beta. Drop us a line if you want to learn more.

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Waiting for an app Approval

It has been 2 weeks since Chatroulette was submitted in the Appstore. Apple has started testing the app, because I got a call from one of their reviewers. It was followed by a terse ‘we need more time to test the app’ mail. Hopefully it will see the light of day soon.

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Prezi presentation software.

Nothing kills attention like a Powerpoint presentation. Instead, I am going to use Prezi. Here is something that I put together in 5 minutes.

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